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Our Mission

Reimagine community, connection and meaning.

Provenance empowers people to celebrate life's milestones by centering moments of personal meaning.

The Backdrop

The modern wedding has evolved rapidly. Today, a majority of couples write their own vows and enlist a close friend or family member to officiate the ceremony itself, personalizing this momentous milestone like never before. But this new norm is not without its challenges.

While religious leaders and judges have relied for centuries on tradition to dictate standards, modern couples and their officiants lack a north star. They may seek to blend disparate religious or cultural heritages, honor unique family structures, or incorporate secular inspiration — presenting the challenge of designing a personalized ritual without precedent.

Enter Provenance

An experienced officiant himself, our CEO and Founder Steven Greitzer waded through the generic mad-lib templates, convoluted blog posts and outdated scripts when first attempting to cobble together ceremonies of his own. Pulling from his successes (as well as snafus!) officiating weddings for loved ones, Steven’s founding team of fellow officiants, wedding planners, and engaged couples developed a suite of services to ensure we all could imbue this moment with the meaning it deserves.

You are unique, and your wedding should feel so too. No matter if your ceremony is innovative or traditional, secular or religious, interfaith or aligned with new-age spirituality… no matter if your officiant is a friend, family member, professional, or clergy… we’re here to help ensure every word spoken throughout your wedding weekend is genuinely authentic. From our online tools –  the Ceremony Builder, Vow Builder, and Toast Builder – to our professional speechwriting and public speaking services, we are here to help you, your officiant, and your guests knock every speech out of the park.

Our Services

Ceremony Builder

Our Ceremony Builder guides couples and their officiants through every detail, crafting wedding ceremonies that feel uniquely theirs... without the stress.

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Vow Builder

Our Vow Builder helps couples overcome the anxiety of that blinking cursor on a blank page, giving them what they need to reflect on their relationship and speak about their love on the big day.

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Toast Builder

Our Toast Builder gets ideas flowing and structure set, accelerating guests toward epic speeches that have everyone cheersing with joy.

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Work With a Speechwriting or Public Speaking Expert

Whether it’s an officiant speech, your vows, or a toast, our professional speechwriters and public speaking coaches will help you craft and deliver an impressive and beautiful speech worthy of audience-wide smiles and tears.

Our Services

Ceremony Designer

All the tools you and your officiant need to shepherd the script from conception to seamless execution.

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A pro writer will help you cultivate a speech that captures the nuance of your voice and the essence of your love.

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Vow Builder

Pen stunning vows with the aid of thoughtful reflection questions, creative prompts, and world-class examples.

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Wedding Toasts

Draft a toast that captures your unique relationship to the couple, while striking the elevated tone their day deserves.

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