Our Mission

Reimagine the way we think about community, connection and meaning.

For centuries, weddings have been subject to expectations imposed by religion, the state, and pop culture. Provenance empowers everyone to celebrate life’s most important milestones by putting personal meaning at the center.

Our Story

Provenance was born out of a desire to create opportunities for making meaning in our modern world. The rapid decline in organized religion, coupled with an increasing reliance on technology to mediate and validate experience, has created a crisis in meaning: we’ve thrown out the guide book but don’t know where to go. Nowhere is this more evident than in ritual and ceremony, as typified by weddings (which serve as our initial focus).

While religious leaders and judges have relied for centuries on tradition and age-old texts to dictate standards for legitimate weddings, modern couples often lack a north star. Their ceremonies may seek to blend disparate religious or cultural traditions, honor unique family structures, or pull from secular sources of inspiration — presenting the unique challenge of designing a customized, personal ritual without precedent.

Provenance seeks to meet that challenge, and therein, facilitate ceremonies that strip away the artifice and achieve something true. Lending from our own successful experiences (as well as snafus!) officiating over 10 weddings for our own loved ones, Provenance’s founding team set out to develop the simplest and sleekest service that mastered the most exhaustive and thorough approach to designing a wedding ceremony from scratch.  As wedding guests of more than 100 weddings collectively, we also know how impactful (or lackluster) ceremonies and speeches can be for guests. Knowing that a perfect ceremony is easier dreamt of than done, Provenance’s inclusive nature removes the barriers of going a non-traditional, personal route on your special day.

How We Do It

Our wedding Ceremony Designer, speechwriting services, and editorial content empower couples to bravely step away from the socially prescribed rituals and expectations of weddings and towards a ceremony that feels authentic to them.

At best, our work is invisible — simply the scaffolding with which users create opportunities to connect with loved ones, discover and express their values, and achieve meaningful moments worth remembering for a lifetime.

Our Services

Ceremony Designer

We provide all the tools, inspiration, and resources you and your officiant need to shepherd the script from conception to seamless execution.

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Our speechwriting services empower you to cultivate and deliver a speech that captures the nuance of your voice and the essence of the couple's love.

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Vow Builder

Our Vow Builder will help you pen stunning vows by providing the relevant reflections, prompts to get the creative juices flowing, and curated examples from the best weddings we’ve ever witnessed.

Wedding Toasts

Our Wedding Toast Builder will help you compose your thoughts and draft a speech guaranteed to delight the couple.

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