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Work With A Speechwriting or Public Speaking Expert

If you’re looking for some professional advice on how to elevate your vows, ceremony or toast, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of experts will give you feedback and guidance to ensure your words meet the moment.

Get Started

How it Works:


Start with Provenance’s Digital Tools

Whether you’re delivering a toast, vows, or leading the whole ceremony, our Digital Tools will help you leap over that blinking cursor on the blank page and get started.


Get Editing Tips & Advice From a Pro

Whether you’re delivering a toast, vows, or leading the whole ceremony, our professional speechwriters will help you refine your draft so your words are worthy of the occasion.

Deliver Your Speech with Eloquence & Poise

In addition to getting editorial support with your speech, you’ll be coached by a professional public speaking coach to ensure you deliver your heartfelt words with confidence.

Be the speech that guests remember (for the right reasons)

While I'm an incredibly extroverted person, giving speeches has never been my thing, so when I was asked to give a toast at a 200-person wedding, I went to Provenance for help. They immediately drafted a plan, paired me up with one of their professional speech writers and helped me come up with a toast that fit my talking style and humor. From there, I had the necessary peace of mind to deliver the toast confidently. I think it went pretty well judging by the two moms who came up to me after asking if I'd meet their daughters
Nelson E.
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