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Write An Unforgettable Wedding Ceremony Script

Whether adapting traditions or starting from scratch, our all-in-one tool helps couples and their officiants every step of the way.

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How does the Ceremony Builder work?

From logistics to special announcements and everything in between, our Ceremony Builder prompts think of the little things so you don't have to.

Our dynamic tool offers 300+ wedding readings and rituals, as well as the guidance needed for couples to reflect on the most meaningful moments of their relationship.

Our Ceremony Builder empowers couples and officiants with suggested structure and phrasing, helping you customize a script that captures the vision.

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With Provenance’s help, my (now-) wife and I didn’t have to start from scratch with our officiant. The platform provided us with a variety of options that helped us build a ceremony that was uniquely designed for us. And it paid off. The day and our ceremony was perfect in every way

Start Writing Your Dream Ceremony

Thousands of couples and officiants are using Provenance to craft meaningful, personalized ceremonies.

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Hire a Speechwriter or Public Speaking Coach

Get connected with our team of experts ranging from award-winning poets, to comedy screenwriters to White House speechwriters and Ted Talk speaking coaches for trusted support ahead of the big day.

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Other Services

Vow Builder

Our Vow Builder helps couples overcome the anxiety of that blinking cursor on a blank page, giving them what they need to reflect on their relationship and speak about their love on the big day.

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Toast Builder

Our Toast Builder gets ideas flowing and structure set, accelerating guests toward epic speeches that have everyone cheering with joy.

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Have More Questions?

How can I share the reflections with my friends, and family?

Within the tool, you'll see a link that you can easily share with friends and family either via text, email, or social media.

If I want to craft the whole ceremony on my own using Provenance’s Ceremony Builder, and then just give the custom script to the officiant to read, is that possible?

Yes! While we recommend going through the tools with your partner and officiant, we get that you all have a lot going on. So, we’ve created our tools in a way that could be used by any individual, couple, officiant, and/or speechwriter

What religions and cultures are represented in Provenance’s Readings and Rituals library?

From secular love poems to religious scripture, Provenance’s library includes over 300 rituals and readings from a wide range of global perspectives. With our community’s help, we’re growing and expanding our library to continue to represent diverse backgrounds. Noticed we’re missing some? Created your own? Please contribute your own for the community’s benefit, directly within the Ceremony Builder.

How far in advance do you recommend we begin using the Ceremony Builder?

2-8 months before the wedding. This doesn’t mean you have to finish the whole ceremony script by then, it just means that we recommend the officiant and couple start having the important conversations that are prompted by the Ceremony Builder in that time frame.  Have no fear - the Ceremony Builder itself can be completed in one sitting!

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