Design a Ceremony That's Uniquely Yours

Whether adapting traditions or starting from scratch, our tools take you from “where do I even begin” to “I got this.”

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How does the ceremony designer work?

From logistics to special announcements, and everything in between, our Ceremony Design modules think of the little things so you don't have to.

Our dynamic tool offers 150+ readings and rituals, the ability to easily reach out to friends and family for insights and stories, and the guidance needed for couples to reflect on the most meaningful moments of their relationship.

Our Ceremony Designer empowers couples and officiants with suggested structure and phrasing, as they customize a script that captures their vision.

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With Provenance’s help, my (now-) wife and I didn’t have to start from scratch with our officiant. The platform provided us with a variety of options that helped us build a ceremony that was uniquely designed for us. And it paid off. The day and our ceremony was perfect in every way

Start Writing Your Dream Ceremony

Hundreds of people planning their weddings have come together on Provenance to craft meaningful, personalized ceremonies.

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Want To Elevate Your Ceremony Speech?

With Provenance's professional speechwriting services, couples and their officiants can lean on experts ranging from comedy screenwriters to White House speechwriters for support ahead of the big day.


Other services

Vow Builder IN BETA

Our Vow Builder helps couples overcome the anxiety of that blinking cursor on a blank page, giving them what they need to reflect on their relationship and speak about their love on the big day.

Coming Soon

Toast Builder IN BETA

Our Toast Builder gets ideas flowing and structure set, accelerating guests toward epic speeches that have everyone cheering with joy (and relief).

Coming Soon

Have More Questions?

Does the Ceremony Designer create the script for me?

No, but we will get you much closer to that perfect final draft. The Ceremony Designer provides you with all the components of a typical wedding, as well as script options for each. You can omit, re-order and customize as you see fit — all in an elegant, easy-to-use dashboard.

Do both partners and the officiant need to complete the Ceremony Designer together?

The only step we recommend the three central participants complete together is the initial guided reflection, which can be conducted in person or virtually in under an hour. After aligning on vision, the Ceremony Designer allows each party to complete contributions on their own schedule.

How much time does the Ceremony Designer take?

After setting clear priorities in the guided reflection, completing the remaining steps often takes couples fewer than five hours.

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