Give An Unforgettable Wedding Toast

Answer our beta Toast Builder’s prompts to accelerate you towards that epic first draft. In the weeks ahead, we will release an update that will seamlessly generate a heartfelt, memorable, and impressive wedding toast!

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Toast Builder

Getting started can be the hardest part. Instead of staring at a blank page, you’ll be greeted with our helpful tips and thoughtful questions around the speech’s tone, structure, and content.

Our curated prompts turn the writing process into a breeze by inspiring you to think of your memories of the couple (and them each as individuals), ranging from the heartfelt, to the hilarious, to the “wow, that is love.”

Our toast builder helps you craft a speech that captures your unique relationship to the couple, while striking the tone their day deserves.

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I crushed the speech and couldn't have done it without you...I'll be sharing your platform and product with other folks who need something like this!
Matt V.

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Our tools will help shape your authentic emotions into a memorable toast ready for primetime.

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Want to Elevate Your Toast?

With Provenance’s professional speechwriting services, couples and their guests can lean on experts ranging from comedy screenwriters to White House speechwriters for support ahead of the big day.


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Ceremony Designer

Whether it's an intimate elopement or a boisterous gathering, our Ceremony Designer tool allows you to craft a ceremony script to meet the moment.

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Vow Builder IN BETA

Our Vow Builder helps couples overcome the anxiety of that blinking cursor on a blank page, giving them what they need to reflect on their relationship and speak about their love on the big day.

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Have More Questions?

I’m stressed about giving a toast, any advice?

You’re not alone! Most people have anxiety around public speaking, and 90% of them say it’s because of poor preparation. The fact that you’re reading this and using services like Provenance’s Toast Builder, professional speechwriting support, and/or public speaking training means that you’re taking the right steps to ensure that you’ll do an amazing job. You got this.

How far in advance do you recommend I start using the Toast Builder?

While we recommend you give yourself at least 3 weeks to write, review, and rehearse any speech, we’ve designed the tool so that it could be used for that week-of scramble (because, well, life happens).

Who should use the Toast Builder?

Whether you’re the mother of the groom, father of the bride, best man, maid of honor, or anything in between*, we’ve created a tool to help you give a killer wedding speech.

*Yes, this also includes the friend who got an unexpected email about an “open mic” for the rehearsal dinner and suddenly feels pressure to say something. We see you, we’ve been you, we have your back.

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