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The Best, Personalized Baby Gift for 2024

Looking for a thoughtful baby gift idea that’s both sentimental and practical? Provenance Baby is the modern, easy-to-use tool helping busy parents craft cherished keepsakes for their babies. Perfect for any occasion, including baby showers, baby arrivals, birthdays, and holidays!

Why Parents Love Provenance Baby

  • Meaningful Keepsakes: The gift feels like it’s not just for their baby, but it’s also for the parents
  • Effortless Memory Keeping: Seamlessly preserves precious moments with ease (no more searching for the lost baby book!)
  • Family Legacy: Passing stories from generation to generation.
  • Time-Saving Solution: It was designed to be done at any pace so that it is convenient, fun, and realistic for new parents to accomplish

How It Works:

You Gift Them
Provenance Baby

Whether they are expecting a baby, the baby was just born, or they're celebrating a first birthday, they’ll love this personalized gift.

They Answer
Curated Questions

They’ll go through the Baby Letter Builder's curated questions, which range from wishes they have for their baby, to family stories they want to pass down.

They Instantly Get A Meaningful Keepsake

With the click of a button, The Baby Letter Builder weaves their words and memories into heartfelt letters for their baby that they can edit, download, and enjoy.

With Provenance’s help, my (now-) wife and I didn’t have to start from scratch with our officiant. The platform provided us with a variety of options that helped us build a ceremony that was uniquely designed for us. And it paid off. The day and our ceremony was perfect in every way

Gift Them Provenance Baby Today

No matter if you're looking for a personalized gift for a baby shower, a unique gift for the baby's arrival, or a special gift for a 1st birthday, the Baby Letter Builder is the best new gift to get them in 2024.

Have More Questions?

Is this a good baby shower gift?

Yes! It's the perfect gift for when someone announces they're having a baby, invites you to their baby shower, welcomes their newborn, or even throws the baby's first birthday party. 

Who would love this gift?

This is a thoughtful (yet practical) gift for the busy parent who wishes they had time to fill out the baby book, but would love a way to get all of their thoughts down in one sitting. And of course, this is also a gift for the baby, as they will be the one who gets to have the letters forever.

What Else Does Provenance Do?

Provenance helps you find the words for the most important moments in your life.  In addition to helping new parents at this exciting time, Provenance has tools for anyone getting married, officiating a wedding, or writing a toast.

Vow Builder

The Vow Builder helps couples overcome the anxiety of that blinking cursor on a blank page, giving them what they need to reflect on their relationship and speak about their love on the big day.

Ceremony Builder

The Ceremony Builder guides couples and their officiants through every detail, crafting wedding ceremonies that feel uniquely theirs... without the stress.

Toast Builder

The Toast Builder gets ideas flowing and structure set, accelerating guests toward epic speeches that have everyone cheersing with joy.

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