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Design your own modern wedding ceremony.

Whether merging disparate cultures, religious and secular traditions, or throwing out the book entirely to start from scratch — our digital tool hones the words behind your wedding to create a ceremony that is uniquely yours.

Wedding Ceremonies

Our ceremony builder guides you from inception — providing inspiration and facilitating reflections that help you define, then hone your vision — to the seamless execution of a ceremony script tailored to your particular needs. Because your wedding should capture moments of personal meaning.

The Provenance Approach

Demystify the Process

Our resources offer creative guidance across every essential task, so nothing falls through the cracks as you design your perfect, personal wedding ritual.

Re-capture the Meaning

Our process isn’t designed simply to remove the friction from planning a wedding, but to add back the meaning — facilitating conversations about values and priorities that will benefit the couple long after "I do."

Wow the Audience

Our talented, accomplished, professional writers will elevate your vows, officiant’s speech, or wedding toast to words worthy of the moment.

Speechwriting Support

Scary as it may sound, a single speech can make (or break) a wedding. Our speechwriting services empower anyone to cultivate and deliver a speech that captures the nuance of their voice and the essence of what the marrying couple means to them — with the help of a skilled and accomplished consultant.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Provenance?

Provenance is the only platform that empowers you to design an individualized ceremony and to enhance its execution with services that benefit your whole wedding party. Our goal is not just to take out the guess-work and reduce anxiety, but to imbue this moment with the meaning you deserve.

Are there any free resources for me to check out?

Yes! Our Inspiration Library is free to all and offers a breadth of editorial content, ranging from demystifying crucial logistics (e.g., How to Check if Your Officiant Can Make Your Marriage Legal) to guiding you through the tough ethical and cultural questions that are top of mind for many couples today (e.g., Your How-To Guide to Buying an Ethical Engagement Ring).

Is Provenance just for secular weddings?

Nope! Provenance is a tool for any couple that wants to personalize their wedding ceremony, whether that means making edits to a traditional religious script, combining disparate cultural traditions, honoring unique family structures, or building a personalized ceremony from scratch.

How do I get started?

First things first — create an account in the top right corner of this page. Our onboarding will prompt you to provide contact info for all necessary parties (the officiant, the couple, any other planning participants), then send out tailored instructions to each on next steps. Sit back and let us do the work.

What do you mean by "modern" wedding ceremony?

Picture throwing out the rule book — the ideas you’ve internalized, from media and history, about how a wedding has to look — and focusing instead on you. Your own vision, your own desires and modes of making meaning. To us, "modern" is shorthand for that process of sifting through one’s influences, history, and culture to salvage an entirely unique vision, then executing on it in the most seamless manner possible.

Who can become an officiant?

While every state has slightly different laws, there are non-profits and non-denominational churches which offer free ordination, valid across all fifty states. Through organizations like the Universal Life Church, any adult can become ordained, then able to legally perform weddings, along with baptisms and funerals.

In short, your officiant could be a friend, a family member, a mentor, anyone — as long as they go through the process. And we’ll show them how.

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