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How to Avoid Saying The Wrong Thing in a Wedding Speech

“No-Go’s” are tricky. They go beyond the bounds of everyday etiquette, often relating to tensions you’re unaware of. Only the couple (and their closest confidantes) can flag sensitive family dynamics, history between guests, or matters they themselves prefer not to discuss before an audience of everyone they know and love. So having a conversation with them is kind of a no-brainer.
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How to Craft Personal Vows

Recently, I attended the wedding of an old friend. The bride, having already smiled through the toasts and speeches of friends and family for two days, was finally in white — in front of her guests and across from her husband to be.
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How to Decide if Your Wedding Speech Jokes Are Appropriate — And Also Good

As you'll know if you paid attention in high school English, Shakespearean comedies all end in a wedding. Weddings, so full of hope and effusive emotion, seem to be the only logical conclusion to the farce and blunders of these comic heroes.
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How To Check if Your Wedding Officiant Can Make Your Marriage Legal

Making sure the person you choose can legally officiate a wedding isn’t difficult. But because requirements for a legal marriage vary by state, making sure no stone is left unturned can still be confusing.
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How Long Should a Wedding Ceremony Last?

The answer to how long a typical wedding ceremony should be simple. But there are important things to consider, including the venue, guest participation, and the science of human attention.
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