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How to Decide Between Weddings on the Same Day

A wedding in Los Angeles and Rhode Island on the same afternoon, you’d need a time turner to make both. So what’s a person to do: how does one decide between two competing weddings?
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How to Respectfully Decline a Wedding Invitation

The fact is: there is just no way you can make every wedding. But how do you respectfully decline an invitation? It's harder than one would think.
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Why You Don't Need a White Wedding Dress

While white remains by far the predominant color for wedding gowns, many modern brides are breaking with tradition. And major luxury wedding designers, like Vera Wang, are taking the cue — ushering in an era in which skipping the white wedding dress doesn’t come at the expense of style.
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How to (Politely) Request a +1 for a Wedding

The Emily Post set would have you believe that it is never, under any circumstance, appropriate to ask for a +1 to a wedding. In this school, the names on the invitation that arrives at your door are final, and any omissions or oversights are intentional, if regrettable.
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How to Save Money on Wedding Flowers

Beautiful floral arrangements are a hallmark of any great wedding. They transform the space, adding an element of natural beauty to indoor venues and enhancing outdoor ones. They help to forge the aesthetic identity of your ceremony.
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How to Pick an Appropriate Story to Tell During a Speech

Pop Quiz: which of the following stories would be appropriate to tell in a wedding speech? The one about the newlywed going on a Tinder date every day the first month they lived in New York. The one about the bride going on a transformative solo trip to Indonesia after a bad break up.
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How to Broach “No Fly Zones” with a Marrying Couple

Giving a speech at the wedding of a loved one can be a balancing act: the personal and the traditional, of the formal and the casual, of humor and heartfelt emotion. But one thing no one can afford to take a risk on is making a joke or referencing a topic about which the couple, or certain guests at the wedding, are sensitive.
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