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Wedding Planners who use Provenance will never have to worry about the rogue, unhinged toast ever again.
Mindy Weiss, Celebrity Wedding Planner & Provenance Advisor
“We were overwhelmed by the love and (incredible) stories we received from our friends and family. I’m so happy we got this."
Before using Provenance, we didn’t even know where to begin planning our ceremony. We knew the vague arc of ceremonies from friends’ weddings, but didn’t know what important components we should consider. Your tool made it so easy to walk through ideas and thoughtfully design a ceremony that represents us, our backgrounds, and our commitment to our future.
Alex R | Bride | Dec 2022
The Provenance ceremony builder tool was a God-send. It helped the couple and I get started and get organized, reminded me to ask about tons of things I would have forgotten, and provided tons of useful content that we incorporated. We used it for everything from the overall structure, to some of the readings, to the exact language of the declaration of intent.
Maxine L | Officiant
“The whole thing was super simple. We included the link in a wedding email to our friends and family, and we started getting responses back immediately.”
We come from different religious backgrounds and it felt like most offerings were too religion-focused and not representative of who we are. Your guidance allowed us the flexibility to incorporate different values and traditions into our ceremony for an end result that was truly meaningful because it felt like our own.
Noah & Lauren | Groom & Bride | Aug 2022
I feel so lucky that we found Provenance! It was the perfect way to help us jump into building our ceremony and write our vows. I think I would have procrastinated a LOT more if I didn't have their wonderful website to help guide our thinking.
Emmah & Will | Bride & Groom | July 2023
“We got this as an engagement gift and held off on reading the answers until a date night. Going through everyone's notes and stories about marriage and relationships helped center us during a crazy time."
This app was incredibly helpful. Both myself and my husband liked being able to edit our vows and answer some questions to give us a starting point to express our love for one another. My officiant liked the ceremony tool. This program helped us create the most unique script for our perfect day!
NiKi B | Bride | June 2023
My husband and I used Provenance to help guide the content of our wedding ceremony and loved how easy it was to use. We generally knew what we wanted to say, but the tools and prompts in Provenance turned our ideas and intentions into beautiful language that flowed and engaged everyone at our ceremony. We couldn't recommend it more if you feel stuck knowing what to say during your wedding!
Meg | Bride | Aug 2023
Provenance was a HUGE help in guiding our best friend officiant and helping us organize our thoughts. I tell every engaged couple I meet that it is worth every penny!
Abby & Benedict | Bride & Groom | Sept 2023
While I'm an incredibly extroverted person, giving speeches has never been my thing, so when I was asked to give a toast at a 200-person wedding, I went to Provenance for help [...] I think it went pretty well judging by the two moms who came up to me after asking if I'd meet their daughters.
Nelson E | Groomsman | Sept 2022
I worked with one of Provenance's professional speechwriters to help craft the ceremony and officiants remarks for my best friend’s wedding. The whole thing was a home run. Working with Provenance also took a lot of stress off of me - and the couple - given their incredible attention to detail. They’ve got all your bases covered throughout the process.
Dennis S | Officiant+Groomsman | Apr 2023
Provenance provided a service of excellence that took my voice and polished the vision to personalized perfection. I stood before my soon-to-be husband effortlessly expressing my heart. Our officiant said it was an act to follow...except we both utilized Provenance - it was terrific!
Tamara C | Bride | Apr 2023
[From WSJ Article] Left to her own devices, Ms. Hood said her vows would have sounded as though they had been written by a second-grader: 'Will you marry me? Check yes or no.' Reading what Provenance came up with, she thought, 'Wow, I would have never worded it this way and it sounds so thoughtful—and the way that I actually feel.’
Allison & Jeff | Bride & Groom | April 2023
Provenance made planning our ceremony a breeze! The questions prompted us to remember key moments in our relationship as well as consider the logistic pieces of a ceremony (e.g. length, housekeeping reminders to be said at the beginning of the ceremony, etc.). Pro-tip: answer the ceremony questions separately and then read your responses to one another--this ended up being such an fun and intimate exercise for my partner and I--definitely not what we expected but 100% appreciate (and needed) this guidance!
Alyssa C | Bride | July 2023
With Provenance, we found the perfect words for our vows, and our guests adored our heartfelt ceremony. Worth the price 10x over!
Marina E | Bride | Mar 2024
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With Provenance’s help, my (now-) wife and I didn’t have to start from scratch with our officiant. The platform provided us with a variety of options that helped us build a ceremony that was uniquely designed for us. And it paid off. The day and our ceremony was perfect in every way.
Charlie G | Groom | June 2022
Provenance made planning our ceremony simple and easy! I also appreciated the chance to look through readings and rituals others had used for inspiration!
Stephanie C | Bride | Mar 2023
Provenance made it so easy to customize our wedding ceremony with our officiant. I would highly recommend for anyone looking to go the nontraditional route with their ceremony or if you are looking to add something unique and special to your wedding day!
Hannah H | Bride | June 2023
So glad to have found Provenance before our wedding! It made planning a ceremony so easy. We had a family member officiate who had never done so before and it made our ceremony sound professional and personal.
Alyssa P | Bride | May 2023
This made the original ceremony outline and first draft a breeze. Being able to work directly with the bride and groom on their own time was a game changer. Will definitely use again on my next wedding I’m officiating this fall!
Owen C. | Officiant | Mar 2024
Provenance relieved sooo much wedding planning stress by helping us to personalize our wedding ceremony and make it feel right for us. Not sure what I would have done without it!
Brenda K | Bride | Nov 2023
Working with Sarah was wildly helpful! She made great tactical suggestions - like where to pause, where to be more conversational, where to speed up and where to slow down. Most importantly she encouraged me to stay true to myself. I felt like my delivery improved 10x after our session.
Rachel Z | Maid of Honor | Feb 2023
Provenance helped us to create a ceremony that reflected us as a couple. Having the ability to edit every detail helped us customize our wedding experience. My officiant appreciated it tremendously as well.
Taylor E | Bride | July 2023
My husband and I are not religious and needed guidance on how to perform the ceremony without religion involved. This site has religious guidance too but is a great source for the non-traditional! Worth it!
Olivia S | Bride | Aug 2023
Our vows made our ceremony special because they were intimate and straight from the heart. Provenance made it easy to create this heartfelt flow.
Kathleen T | Bride | Feb 2024
I kept telling myself I’d write things down for my baby, but I never did, largely because I didn’t know where to start. I’m so happy I found Provenance! The prompts made it so easy to put together a keepsake that felt very personal to my pregnancy experience.
“I felt bad throwing away the cards people sent us for our first kid, but with this, everything's saved digitally. We also got the coffee table book and loved it!
[From WSJ Article] Sarah especially liked the fact that you could cross-check your partner’s vows to make sure you were on the same page, tone-wise. 'You don’t want to put too many jokes in there if your partner is being serious and sentimental,' she said. For his part, Kyle was just glad to have his time back. 'I would have had to Google ‘how to write your vows’ and read through, you know, nine articles.'
Kyle & Sarah | Groom & Bride | April 2023
"Our friends and family left us the most touching messages, not just the generic 'best wishes' registry notes. The gift also came with a beautiful book of everyone's stories and messages!!"
“I wasn’t sure if it’d be annoying to send to friends and family, but it was shockingly easy for all (and they loved it too). Our friend said she cried thinking about our kid reading it one day."
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