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Would You Use AI to Write Your Wedding Vows? They Did

"Jeff and Allison Hood of Atlanta used Provenance’s toast and vow builder to help them get the results they wanted"

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Everything You Need to Know About Working With a Professional Wedding Vow Writer

"[Mindy] Weiss usually recommends Provenance, a site that offers easy-to-use tools and professional speech-writing support to help you create personalized and meaningful ceremony vows and toasts. 'They have a great Vow Builder tool that our clients love,' she adds."

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Your Ultimate Guide to Writing a Meaningful Wedding Speech

"Still trying to figure out where to start? Don't fret: If you could use some additional assistance writing your wedding speech, consider Provenance, which helps users create personalized, meaningful wedding speeches using AI-powered tools along with real responses to personal questions."

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Crafting Your Wedding Vows: A Guide to Personal and Meaningful Expressions of Love

"Writing your own wedding vows is an opportunity to break away from convention and infuse your special day with a unique touch that truly reflects your love and commitment... We asked Steven Greitzer, CEO of Provenance, to provide some expert tips that ensure your vows emanate authenticity and resonate deeply with your partner."

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Overwhelmed? How to Start Planning Your Wedding

"'When planning your wedding, it's easy to get lost in details that won't matter in the long run, like the color of the seat cushions and the font of the place cards. Couples tell us every day that they loved crafting their wedding ceremony scripts on Provenance and answering the questions about their love story because it helped them feel grounded, connected, and reminded them what's most important on their big day.' —Steven Greitzer, CEO, Provenance"

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How to Use AI to Help Write Wedding Vows, Speeches & More

"Whether you love or hate how artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm, it can be used for good – and it can most certainly be used to write very good wedding vows and more. Not sure where to start? Enter Provenance – a revolutionary wedding technology company, powered by AI, featuring a suite of digital tools and services that assists thousands of couples, as well as their officiants and wedding guests, in crafting uniquely personalized and meaningful wedding ceremonies, wedding vows, and wedding toasts."

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How to Officiate a Wedding: Your Step-by-Step Guide

"Steven Greitzer, Founder and CEO of Provenance and an experienced officiant himself, likes to think of the qualifications required of an officiant as "soft" and "hard." The "hard qualifications" are those legal expectations. 'If not a religious, civil, or professional officiant, anyone asked to officiate can explore getting ordained online,' he says. 'For some online ministries, the process can be as easy as sharing your name, email, confirmation of being 18+ in age, and agreeing to basic tenets (which can be secular, even if the website says 'ministries').'"

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24 Thoughtful Wedding Gifts Under $100

"Ceremonies, vows, and toasts have nothing on Provenance. Their writing tools allow couples, officiants, or speech-giving guests to arrange their thoughts, dig deeper through prompts, and pull out the memories that matter to deliver a heartfelt performance."

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A Complete Guide to Wedding Vows, Toasts, Speeches & Readings

"In this complete guide, we've sought out expert advice from Steven Greitzer, the CEO of Provenance, a site that offers easy-to-use tools and professional speech-writing support to help you create personalized and meaningful ceremonies, vows and toasts.. Drawing from Provenance’s pool of expertise, we'll provide you with golden tips and advice on how to ace your wedding vows, toasts, speeches, and readings."

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Latest Wedding Trends Guide for 2023/24

"Make custom ceremonies feel less boring: Provenance provides a suite of tools that help customize wedding ceremonies, both culturally reflective and secular. The company guides couples and non-clergy officiants through the ceremony planning process from start to ‘I do’ with a ceremony design tool that helps users construct the flow of a ritual"

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Tips From Wedding Pros on Expressing Your Personal Style on Your Wedding Day

"'From incorporating religious or cultural traditions, to kicking off the ceremony with a quote from ‘When Harry Met Sally,’ or, as one of our couples chose, taking a shot of your favorite tequila together to celebrate your unity, you have the power to design a ceremony that’s personal.' - Steven Greitzer, CEO, Provenance"

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Here's Our Rundown of Mother-of-the-Groom Duties

"If your son wants to honor any family or cultural traditions at his wedding, one mother of the groom duty is to help him figure out how to incorporate these traditions. 'When asked, lend your guidance and support to help the couple incorporate—or reimagine—their desired cultural, religious or family traditions for the ceremony,' says Steven Greitzer, CEO of Provenance, a site that helps couples write their wedding ceremony scripts, vows and toasts."

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