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Ceremony Builder

If I want to craft the whole ceremony on my own using Provenance’s Ceremony Builder, and then just give the custom script to the officiant to read, is that possible?

Yes! While we recommend going through the tools with your partner and officiant, we get that you all have a lot going on. So, we’ve created our tools in a way that could be used by any individual, couple, officiant, and/or speechwriter

What religions and cultures are represented in Provenance’s Readings and Rituals library?

From secular love poems to religious scripture, Provenance’s library includes over 300 rituals and readings from a wide range of global perspectives. With our community’s help, we’re growing and expanding our library to continue to represent diverse backgrounds. Noticed we’re missing some? Created your own? Please contribute your own for the community’s benefit, directly within the Ceremony Builder.

How far in advance do you recommend we begin using the Ceremony Builder?

2-8 months before the wedding. This doesn’t mean you have to finish the whole ceremony script by then, it just means that we recommend the officiant and couple start having the important conversations that are prompted by the Ceremony Builder in that time frame.  Have no fear - the Ceremony Builder itself can be completed in one sitting!

Toast Builder

Who should use the Toast Builder?

Whether you’re the mother of the groom, father of the bride, best man, maid of honor, or anything in between*, we’ve created a tool to help you give a killer wedding speech.

*Yes, this also includes the friend who got an unexpected email about an “open mic” for the rehearsal dinner and suddenly feels pressure to say something. We see you, we’ve been you, we have your back.

How far in advance do you recommend I start using the Toast Builder?

While we recommend you give yourself at least 3 weeks to write, review, and rehearse any speech, we’ve designed the tool so that it could be used for that week-of scramble (because, well, life happens).

I’m stressed about giving a toast, any advice?

You’re not alone! Most people have anxiety around public speaking, and 90% of them say it’s because of poor preparation. The fact that you’re reading this and using services like Provenance’s Toast Builder, professional speechwriting support, and/or public speaking training means that you’re taking the right steps to ensure that you’ll do an amazing job. You got this.

Vow Builder

Will my partner be able to see my vows?

Absolutely not! We take privacy of vows extremely seriously, and there is no way for your partner to view your vows (unless you go in and manually change the privacy settings to make them visible to your partner).

How can I make sure my partner's vows are similar in length and tone as mine?

While using the Vow Builder, you'll be able to select your preferred length and tone for your vows. While the content of your vows will of course be kept private (see FAQ #1), your partner's vow length and tone will show up in the Ceremony Builder Script Editing tool.

How is Provenance's Vow Builder related to the Ceremony Builder?

Once you generate (and polish up) your vows in our Vow Builder tool, your vows will automatically populate into the "Vows" section of the Ceremony Builder Script Editor.

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