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Relive the vows, toasts & ceremony from your wedding day with your new, customizable wedding book!

Provenance Wedding Book

Your Favorite Words, All In One Place

Enjoy having the most special parts of your wedding - from your best friends' toasts to your partner's vows, all in your new, hardcover wedding book. Quick & easy to make!

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Provenance Wedding Book

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Questions? We’ve Got Answers

What can I include in my book?

The Wedding Book is meant to capture all the words shared at your wedding alongside the corresponding pictures from those meaningful moments. You have the option to include:

  • Your Wedding Ceremony Script & Pictures
  • Both Sets of Vows & Pictures
  • Up to 10 Guest Toasts & Pictures
  • A picture of your Wedding Invitation
  • A picture of your Wedding Ceremony Program

Do I have to include pictures?

While you don’t have to include pictures throughout the book, we do highly recommend including pictures, as they really bring the book to life! At the very least, you will be asked to upload a cover photo.

How does it work and when will I receive my book?

Ordering your Wedding Book can be done in 5 easy steps: 

  1. Complete your Wedding Book order by clicking any of the buttons above
  2. Receive a secure, unique link to upload all of your content (the words & pictures)
  3. Receive a PDF proof of your custom designed book (up to 5 day turnaround from submission of content)
  4. Approve your PDF proof
  5. Receive your book within 10 business days of your final approval of the PDF proof

Can I buy this for someone else?

Yes! Please visit our gifting page to see your purchase options: https://www.provenance.co/giftbook

Can I purchase a book if I’m outside of the US?

Unfortunately at this time we are only shipping within the continental United States. Please check back regularly as our shipping options may change.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free with purchase!

Ready to get started on your custom Wedding Book?

Begin personalizing your book to remember not just how your wedding looked, but the words that made it meaningful.

5 Stars

“Our vows and everyone’s speeches were our favorite parts of our wedding. We love rereading them and seeing them featured alongside the photos in this gorgeous book."

Kimberly s. | 2024 Bride
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