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So What is a Charity Wedding Registry Anyway?

A charity wedding registry is a way to provide your friends and family an option to support the charity or charities of your choosing as their wedding or engagement gift. Guests donate to important causes, rather than to the couple. But should you do one? And if so, how?
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What Happens to Flowers After a Wedding?

Wedding flowers are often essential to creating the beautiful space that marks the start of the rest of your life. But it’s tragic, really.
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5 Essential Tips for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

It should come as no surprise that weddings are incredibly environmentally costly. Between air and ground travel, food and floral waste, and the carbon impact of that steak option at the reception — things can quickly add up.
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How (and Where) to Purchase Carbon Offsets for Your Wedding

Despite significant strides forward in contemporary wedding culture, the prevailing narrative remains that it should be one of the “biggest days” of a couple’s life. One of the downsides to this narrative, beyond the immense financial cost, is that it often yields a punishing carbon footprint. In 2017, Stanford Magazine reported that the average *non-*destination wedding of 200 guests produces about 56 tons of carbon emissions — about three times the average American’s annual footprint. With more and more couples today choosing to have destination weddings, that figure has only increased to accommodate round trip domestic or international flights, car rentals, and buses to and from venues.
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