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How to Celebrate Valentine's Day as an Engaged Couple

How to Celebrate Valentine's Day as an Engaged Couple

Valentine's Day is a special holiday for couples in love, and for those who are engaged, it can be an exciting time to celebrate your love and commitment before tying the knot. Whether you're planning a romantic dinner, a fun adventure or a cozy night in, there are many ways to make this day special for your fiancé and yourself. Here are some tips and ideas to help you celebrate Valentine's Day as an engaged couple.

Plan a Romantic Dinner

Nothing says "I love you" quite like a candlelit dinner. Plan a special meal at your favorite restaurant or cook dinner together at home. Choose your favorite recipes and ingredients, or try something new and adventurous. Look through your Instagram DMs and see if your partner has sent you any dish or place they wanted to try. Reflect on the journey that has brought you both to this point of being engaged and looking forward to getting married. Enjoy each other's company and make this day memorable.

Take a Couples Adventure

Take a break from your daily routine and plan a couples adventure. This could be anything from a scenic hike, a wine tasting tour or a romantic getaway to a nearby town. Googling what's happening in a specific city that weekend or checking out AirBnB Experiences are good places to start.Take the opportunity to talk about your what you're most excited about in the year ahead and your future together. This is a great way to bond and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Plan a Cozy Night In

If you prefer to stay in, that's okay too. You can still have a cozy and romantic night in by watching a movie or playing a game. While you can of course make dinner like in the earlier example, you also could just order in from your favorite spot. Consider pampering yourselves with an at-home couples spa experience where you take a relaxing bath or give each other massages.

Celebrate Your Love Story

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to celebrate your love story. Reflect on your journey together and all the special moments that brought you to this point of being engaged. Write love letters to each other, exchange gifts or simply enjoy each other's company and talk about your hopes and dreams for the future, including your future as a married couple. Provenance has a bunch of prompts to help you think about those special moments.

Make it Personal

Valentine's Day is all about celebrating your love, so make it personal and tailor it to your relationship. Whether you're romantic or playful, plan a day that is perfect for you and your fiancé. Do something that makes you both happy and enjoy each other's company as you look forward to your wedding day.

In conclusion, Valentine's Day is a special holiday for engaged couples and it's a great time to celebrate your love and commitment before tying the knot. Use these tips to make your day unforgettable and remember to celebrate your love story.

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