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How To Make Selecting A Gift Off Someone’s Registry Still Feel Personal

Wedding registries have become a staple of modern weddings. Couples create a list of items they need or want for their new home, and guests purchase these gifts to help them start their new life together. While registries make gift-giving easy and stress-free, they can sometimes feel impersonal. After all, you’re buying a gift that someone else has already chosen. But fear not! A) They added it to their registry for a reason - because they want someone to get it for them! B) There are still plenty of ways to make selecting a gift off someone’s registry feel personal and special.Here are some tips to get you started:

Choose Something You Know They’ll Love

Take the time to think about the couple’s style and taste. Is there something on the registry that you know they’ll love? If so, go for it! But if you have another idea in mind that’s not on the registry, don’t be afraid to stray from the list. Just make sure it’s something you know they’ll appreciate.

Add a Personal Touch

Adding a personal touch can make all the difference. For example, if you know the couple loves to cook and you got them something cooking related off their registry, consider adding a handwritten recipes of your favorite dishes. Or if they’re wine lovers and you gifted them wine glasses off their registry, consider sending a bottle of their favorite wine. It’s the little touches that show you put thought and care into your gift.

Gift an Experience

Another way to make your gift feel more personal is to gift an experience rather than a physical item. This could be anything from a cooking class to a weekend getaway. Consider the couple’s interests and hobbies and choose an experience that they’ll love. This not only makes for a memorable gift but also gives the couple something to look forward to after the wedding.

Send a Heartfelt Message

No matter what you decide to give, a heartfelt note is always appreciated. One option is to write a personal card to the couple expressing your congratulations and well wishes. Another more tech-savvy, fun option is to send them a video toast using VideoStamps (which you can easily stick onto the registry gift wrapping). This is a great way to share your feelings and let the couple know how much they mean to you.

Selecting a gift off someone’s registry doesn’t have to feel impersonal. By putting a little thought and care into your gift, you can make it feel special.

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