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Empowering officiants & guests to find their voice!

From the officiant’s introduction to the reception’s final toast, we’re committed to inspiring confidence in the many millions of Americans who fear public speaking.

What we offer speechwriters

Creative Format

At once prose and performance, wedding speeches present an opportunity to master a unique writing format.

Substantial Payouts

Our generous payout structure reflects the substantial value you provide to customers.

Fulfilling Endeavor

Your work may inspire, comfort, and help leave a mark on one of the most significant days of someone’s life.

We have a streamlined interview and onboarding process for new speechwriters

Review of Written Portfolio
30 Minute Interview
Signing of Consulting Agreement and Speechwriting Guidelines
Portal and Payroll Onboarding

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours am I required to contribute per week?

We ask that you can commit to at least one speech per week, but we are flexible beyond that.

Does Provenance manage the logistics between prospective client and writer?

Yes! On your portal, you will be able to see proposed speech assignments, communicate with customers, and view your earnings.

How often do I get paid?

As soon as the customer pays for your service! Please allow a few business days for processing.

What resources are provided to help me with this role?

As part of your onboarding, we will request your signature on a robust set of Speechwriter Guidelines. These guidelines contain everything you need to know about our company, our service, and your duties. We also provide guidance on the wedding speech format and best practices for achieving success with us.

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