Your Last-Minute Wedding Day Checklist: Seize the Moment with Ease

Your wedding day is coming up, and it's time to celebrate your love with family and friends. As the excitement builds, having a last-minute checklist will ensure that everything runs smoothly and you can savor every moment. At, we understand the importance of a flawless wedding day. Below you'll find a comprehensive checklist to help you navigate the final hours leading up to your ceremony.

Last-minute wedding day checklist for the couple

  1. Confirm Vendor Arrangements: Reach out to all your vendors, including the photographer, florist, caterer, and any others involved in your wedding. Double-check the details, such as arrival times and delivery schedules, to ensure everyone is on the same page. Clear communication helps ensure a seamless experience.
  2. Review the Timeline: Refresh your memory by reviewing the day's timeline. Be aware of key moments such as the ceremony start time, first dance, and cake cutting. Familiarize yourself with the sequence of events to help you stay organized and fully enjoy each milestone.
  3. Get Ready Essentials: Pack a small bag with essential items for getting ready. Include your wedding attire, accessories, comfortable shoes for dancing, touch-up makeup, and any sentimental items you want close by. Having everything in one place saves time and reduces stress.
  4. Assign Point Persons:S elect trustworthy individuals to serve as point persons for different aspects of the day. Assign someone to coordinate with vendors, manage the gift table, handle unexpected situations, and assist with any last-minute details. Delegating responsibilities ensures that everything is taken care of while you focus on making memories.
  5. Prepare Emergency Supplies: As a precaution, assemble an emergency kit with items like safety pins, a sewing kit, stain remover, breath mints, band-aids, and pain relievers. This kit will come to the rescue for any unexpected wardrobe malfunctions or minor mishaps.
  6. Confirm Transportation: If transportation is arranged for you and your guests, double-check the details. Confirm pick-up times, locations, and any special instructions. Clear communication with the transportation provider ensures a smooth and timely arrival for everyone involved.
  7. Rehearse Key Moments: Take a few moments to rehearse important elements of the day. Practice your vows, ensure your wedding party is familiar with their roles, and go over any special rituals or readings. This brief rehearsal will boost your confidence and allow you to fully embrace the emotion of the day.
  8. Relax and Hydrate: In the midst of the excitement, it's important to find moments of calm. Take breaks to hydrate and nourish yourself throughout the day. Prioritize self-care, whether it's enjoying a few deep breaths or finding a quiet space to collect your thoughts.
  9. Be present: As the day unfolds, remember the reason behind it all: your love and commitment. Embrace each moment and cherish the memories you're creating. Trust that you've done everything in your power to ensure a remarkable wedding day.

Last-minute wedding day checklist for the officiant

Check with your officiant to make sure they do the below:

  • Bring the marriage license and pen
  • Bring the printed ceremony script + binder
  • Bring a couple copies of the couple’s vows
  • Bring any relevant props
  • If they're changing (e.g. from a bridesmaids dress and an officiant outfit), bring both outfits (and both pairs of shoes) if applicable.
  • Make sure they're dressed appropriately and have mints and deodorant handy
  • Move out of the way before the big kiss so they're not in those photos (make sure that direction is written down in the script!)

Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and having a well-planned last-minute checklist will help you enjoy every second. At, we're dedicated to making your wedding ceremony personal and unforgettable. As you embark on this joyous journey, embrace the excitement and rely on our suite of digital tools, such as the Ceremony Designer, Vow Builder, and Toast Builder, to create moments that reflect your unique story. Take a deep breath and seize the day.

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