Wedding Ceremonies

Design a ceremony that is uniquely yours. We’ll be your guide.

Whether merging cultures, updating traditions, or starting anew, Provenance provides all the tools a couple needs to shepherd their ceremony from scripting to impressive delivery.

How it works


Conduct a Guided Reflection

Our dashboard provides officiants with the questions they need to guide the couple in recounting memories, identifying priorities, and honing a cohesive vision for the ceremony.


Weave in Moments of Meaning

Incorporate culturally relevant and individually meaningful rituals and readings from our extensive global library, creating poignant moments distinct to their influences and backgrounds.


Personalize Ceremony Structure

Empowered with guidance on standard structure, phrasing, and opportunities to customize, users can seamlessly design a script that captures their vision for ceremony feel and flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Ceremony Designer create the script for me?

No, but we will get you much closer to that perfect final draft. The Ceremony Designer provides you with all the components of a typical wedding, as well as options for language for each. You can mix and match, omit, re-order and customize as you see fit — all in an elegant, easy-to-use dashboard.

Do both partners and the officiant need to complete the Ceremony Designer together?

The only part of the process we recommend the three central participants complete together is the initial reflection session, which can be done in person or virtually in under an hour. After aligning on vision and priorities, our tool allows you to each complete contributions on your own schedule, providing all relevant information to the participant who needs it.

How much time does the Ceremony Designer take?

After the initial reflection session, the ceremony design process itself is often swift. Many couples and their officiants are able to complete the necessary steps in just a few hours.

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