6 Brands Making Stunning Gender Neutral Engagement Rings

Transcending Tradition

It’s always the same in the movies. He gets down on one knee, usually in some public spot in front of a lake or fountain, and opens a ring box — revealing the most spectacular diamond she’s ever seen. However, many couples today are defying this media trope, opting for gender neutral options when it comes to both their engagement and wedding rings, as well as the traditions around ring exchange.

What are Gender Neutral Engagement Rings?

When we say “gender neutral" engagement ring or wedding ring, we basically mean any engagement ring or wedding band that is gender inclusive, designed without a particular kind of person in mind.

These can be particularly attractive to same-sex couples as well as couples with members who identify outside of the gender binary, though a growing number of cis-heterosexual couples are opting in as well. Gender neutral rings trend toward attractive simplicity, such as a plain band with an inlaid center stone, that makes for an elegant engagement piece regardless of identity.

Many couples opt for matching gender neutral engagement rings to exchange in celebration of their announcement. The market for male engagement rings has also seen a surge in recent years, with celebrities like Ed Sheeran and Michael Bublé seen sporting pieces to commemorate their soon-to-be-wed status. The trend nods to changing norms around ring exchange and how we think about engagement — not the claiming of a woman, but a mutual acknowledgement and announcement.

The upside to all of these shifting norms? With the surge in demand for gender neutral engagement rings, there’s also been a surge in the luxury brands creating them. No longer do you have to settle for simple, understated bands. Dozens of brands are prioritizing not just inclusivity, sustainability, and ethical sourcing of materials, but innovative, luxurious design as well.

These 6 brands are making elegant and eclectic gender-inclusive rings suited to any style.

Here Are Some of Our Favorites

Zac Posen X Blue Nile

In 2021, Zac Posen announced a collaboration with Blue Nile on a collection of gender neutral engagement and wedding rings. Today the brand offers 48 gender-inclusive options, most available in two or three metals and ranging from 712 to 6,392 dollars. Posen uses emerald-cut side stones, which allows the center diamond to “dazzle.” Our favorite is the Milgrain Curved Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold.

To shop, visit the collection’s page on Blue Nile.


Based in Los Angeles, CA, Ceremony makes elegant and timeless gender neutral wedding rings to commemorate love “of all kinds.” They combine classic design with sustainable and ethical sourcing for all of their materials  — they exclusively use recycled 18k yellow gold, and every engagement ring is custom made to order with a diamond you yourself select.

They have a range of options, priced at $500 and up. You can shop them here.

Pamela Love

Pamela Love is a Brooklyn-based jewelry designer, whose Ceremonial collection offers a refreshing and edgy take on traditional ring designs. Using recycled gold and ethically mined diamonds, Pamela Love strives to make pieces of wedding jewelry that are “beautiful yet imperfect, much like love itself.” Think textured, weathered pieces that draw inspiration from artifacts and heirlooms.

Their rings begin at $1,500. You can shop them here.

Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth’s “Rings for Everyone” section provides a selection of gender inclusive engagement rings that range from “classic designs to contemporary silhouettes.” Truly a wide array of tastes. They even have an 18k White Gold Ring, which incorporates emeralds, rubies, amethysts, and multi-colored sapphires into a resplendent rainbow.

One thing we love about their website is the option to “drop a hint” -- suggesting to a friend or partner the type of ring that interests you. It speaks to a broader effort to shift the existing paradigm around proposals and engagements.

Their rings begin at $320. You can shop them here.


Lolide has incorporated unisex, gender-neutral designs into their brand DNA from day one, driven by artist-designer Lori Linkous Devine’s own experience struggling to fit into the gender binary.

“Inclusivity, visibility, and respect” are the driving forces behind the brand’s ethos, along with a desire to create a diversity of rings that allows any buyer to find something that suits their personal style. In addition to gender neutral wedding rings, they sell men’s engagement bands and wedding bands, and non-traditional designs that incorporate colored stones and mixed metals.

Lolide’s rings begin at $150. You can shop them here.

Sofia Kaman

Based in DTLA, Sofia Kaman makes sustainability, as well as inclusivity, a central part of its mission. They utilize conflict-free antique diamonds, as well as “lab grown diamonds” from Diamond Foundry, which are grown with renewable energy and have zero carbon footprint. Their eclectic rings are hand-made by artisans in their two Los Angeles studios and suit all sizes, shapes and identities.

Their Gender Neutral Wedding Bands range from $500 to $3,100.

It’s always the same in the movies. He gets down on one knee, usually in some public spot in front of a lake or fountain, and opens a ring box — revealing the most spectacular diamond she’s ever seen.
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