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The Right Way to Wear Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

The Right Way to Wear Your Wedding and Engagement Rings

(Spoiler Alert: There Isn't One)

Your wedding and engagement rings are symbols of your love and commitment to each other. But, with so many different styles, materials, and designs to choose from, it can be tough to know how to wear them. The good news is - there's no one right way. Do whatever looks best and/or feels best to you! But since that's not the most helpful answer, we've shared some context and a few options below:

Engagement Ring on Top

Wearing your wedding ring first and engagement ring on top - both on your ring finger (fourth finger from the thumb on your left hand) - is the most common option. Some people intentionally do this so that their band is closest to their heart, while others just prefer how it looks and feels. No matter your reason, if you choose this route, decide in advance how you want your rings to be placed on your finger during your wedding ceremony to avoid real-time fumbling. Consider wearing your engagement ring on your right hand until the moment you get your wedding band so it's easy to place on top, being okay with your wedding band going on top of your engagement ring for just the ceremony (you can switch it for the reception!), or just be ready (and possibly rehearse) taking it off and putting it in your preferred order. Whatever you choose, make note of it in your ceremony script on so your officiant can remind you before you walk down the aisle.

Wedding Ring on Top

Another option is to wear your engagement ring first, and then wedding ring on top. While not as common, this can symbolize the natural order of how you got your rings: first you were engaged, and now it's finally official.

Rings on the Left Hand

As mentioned, wearing the wedding and engagement rings on the left hand is more common. You may have been to a wedding where the officiant shared that it's because there's a "vein of love" that connects the ring finger to the heart. While this used to be commonly believed, it has since been disproven. Regardless, it's customary to wear wedding rings on the left hand in places like the United States, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, France, and many Asian countries.

Rings on the Right Hand

This is more common in places like Spain, Portugal, Greece, Denmark, Poland, Russia, and India, but there's no rule that says you can't also go for the right-hand look if you're not from those countries!

Engagement and Wedding Rings on Different Hands or Fingers

Some (though much fewer people) opt for staggering their wedding and engagement rings. This style involves wearing the wedding ring on one finger and the engagement ring on another, creating a unique and personalized stack. Some people go with this approach if they don't prefer how the rings look together, if they don't like stacking rings, or if they just like it better that way. In countries like the Netherlands and Germany, it's common to see couples wearing their engagement rings on the right hand and their wedding bands on their left.

Other Non-Traditional Ring-Wearing Options

There's no right way to wear your ring(s). Some people prefer to only wear their wedding rings, or only wear their engagement rings, stack both with other non-wedding rings, or wear one (or both) as a necklaces. Couples these days are making their own traditions and doing whatever feels right to them, 

No matter the order of your rings or the hand(s) you wear them on, you choose what's best for you. If you've intentionally made a decision for reasons that have significance to you, consider sharing them with your officiant so that they can include the context in the ring exchange section of your ceremony. To read a bunch of options of what to say in the ring exchange portion of your wedding (and/or write the rest of the ceremony), check out

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