The Rise of Male Engagement Rings

For nearly a decade, trend pieces have been published with some regularity on the rise of male engagement rings. Nonetheless, by and large, they’ve yet to break into the mainstream. Despite high profile celebrities like Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry adopting the progressive practice, a 2020 study showed that only 5% of men are choosing to wear engagement rings, nodding to stagnant gender norms within cis-heterosexual wedding culture.

Beyond the progressive message it sends — that ring exchange represents a mutual promise rather than the claiming of a woman — the burgeoning tradition of male engagement rings presents an exciting new frontier for the expression of self through style. Innovative design is a hallmark of the category, precisely because it remains nascent, unburdened by tradition. And with major jewelers like Tiffany & Co finally getting in on the action, the latest bid for the ubiquity of male engagement rings might well be the one that sticks.

Here are just a few of favorite brands making male engagement rings, at every price point.


Tiffany & Co

Just last year, the storied ultra-luxury jeweler released a line of male engagement rings, pieces modeled after signet rings which include a single diamond encased in platinum or titanium setting. While the price point isn’t exactly affordable — diamond rings range from $15k to over $200k — Tiffany is making strides at inclusivity and ethical sourcing within the luxury industry. They track their diamonds to their source to ensure they’re conflict-free — the only major global luxury jeweler to yet take this step.

Our favorite (not that you asked), is the The Charles Tiffany Setting in platinum with a round diamond. You can shop the collection here.


Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is at the forefront of gender inclusivity within the jewelry industry. In addition to their gender-neutral “Rings for Everyone” line, they offer male-targeted engagement rings in a range of designs and prices. They also commit to sourcing materials and diamonds which are “beyond conflict-free,” ensuring a robust chain of custody from sustainably and ethically managed mines to the moment the gem arrives on your finger.

Diamond rings for men range from about $1,000 to $3,000. Our favorite? The Andreas Diamond Wedding Ring in Gold. ****You can shop the whole collection here.



New York-based brand Miansai makes a line of men’s signet rings with off-centered diamonds. Sleek and minimalist with a modern edge, their array of rings elevate the male engagement ring category at an affordable price point. Their modest diamond pieces begin at $145.

Our favorites are the Geo Signet Diamond ring in gold and the Pax Diamond in Gold Vermeil / Black. You can shop the collection here.

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