Bringing Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas to New Heights

Friends on stilts, group hugs, and flower crowns- read on for the story of Monica & Avo's wildly special, joyful, camp-themed wedding.

They met on the dance floor, so it’s only fitting they danced their way out of the ceremony

They had a “Song Procession,” where they entered the ceremony with all of their guests, hand-in-hand, singing as one collective voice

They started their ceremony by taking a moment to honor the nature that surrounded them, grounding them in the present moment

Their officiants were their best friends, and they blessed the couple individually and collectively. “The individual blessings were a way for each of our officiants to honor us independently from one another, talking about our personal relationships and personal qualities. Whereas the collective blessing emphasized the beginning of our joined partnership, spiritual connection, family growth and growing love” - Monica P.

A group hug closed out their perfect ceremony - “It was magical! It felt like a proper way to include everyone and seal the deal with love. All our favorite people in one place celebrating love. There is nothing quite like it!” - Monica P.

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Photographer: @xxnew_heartxxVenue: @machaneh_gilboa

Flower Mandala: @allisonobeler

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An Impact-Focused Real Wedding Feature

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Four Cultures, Fourteen Readings, One Incredible Wedding

We wanted to represent all 4 of our cultures: Lithuanian, French, Filipino, and African American. We did this through incorporating readings and readers in our ceremony from all of those cultures. We had 14 different people read quick excerpts in multiple languages. They just stood up where they were sitting and read, it felt very organic.
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