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The Meaning Behind the Unity Candle Wedding Ritual

The Meaning Behind the Unity Candle Wedding Ritual

Wedding rituals are a significant part of any wedding ceremony, as they symbolize the union of two individuals into one. One such ritual that you may have seen at a wedding you went to is the unity candle ceremony. It's a beautiful way for the bride and groom to symbolize the coming together of their lives and the start of a new journey as one.

What is the Unity Candle Wedding Ritual and What Does it Symbolize?

The unity candle ceremony typically involves two taper candles, which represent the bride and groom as individuals, and a larger pillar candle, which represents their union as a couple. The bride and groom each light their individual taper candles, and then they use them to light the larger unity candle together. This symbolizes that their two separate lives are now becoming one, and that they will support each other in the future.

The unity candle ceremony can be a very emotional and meaningful part of the wedding ceremony. It's a way for the bride and groom to express their love and commitment to each other in front of their friends and family. It's also a way for the couple to show that they are willing to work together to create a bright future, even through the ups and downs of life.

How Do You Customize a Unity Candle Wedding Ritual?

The unity candle ceremony can be customized to fit the couple's personalities and preferences. For example, couples can choose to light the unity candle in a private moment, or they can choose to have their friends and family light it with them. The couple can also choose to use specific candles, such as scented candles, to add an extra special touch to the ceremony.

What are Some Alternatives to the Unity Candle Wedding Ritual?

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