From Movie Quotes to Ancient Blessings | A Secular, Jewish, Modern Wedding Ceremony

From Movie Quotes to Ancient Blessings | A Secular, Jewish, Modern Wedding Ceremony

Photos by: Roger Ellsworth

"We met when we were twelve and played tennis together, but we lost touch after high school. Then, 15 years later, the universe (Bumble) brought us back together. We dated, we knew this was real, and then spoiler alert: we got married. While we were both raised Jewish, we’re not religious. We wanted the ceremony to be mostly secular, with modern versions of traditions we loved.

My childhood best friend officiated the ceremony. It was important to have someone we knew and who knew us share our love story. She also read quotes from two of our favorite movies: The Princess Bride and When Harry Met Sally. She crushed it.

Instead of having a rabbi read the traditional Sheva Brachot (Seven Blessings), we had members of our bridal party read a modern version. It grounded the whole day in community.

We did the Hebrew blessing over the wine and drank from the Kiddush cup gifted to my husband’s great-grandfather (on the exact day my mom was born!)

Ok, I threw this last one in there because we’re a tequila family, and we celebrated hard after the perfect ceremony." - Daniela F.

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