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How to Decide Between Weddings on the Same Day

A wedding in Los Angeles and Rhode Island on the same afternoon, you’d need a time turner to make both. So what’s a person to do: how does one decide between two competing weddings?
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How to Respectfully Decline a Wedding Invitation

The fact is: there is just no way you can make every wedding. But how do you respectfully decline an invitation? It's harder than one would think.
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Why You Don't Need a White Wedding Dress

While white remains by far the predominant color for wedding gowns, many modern brides are breaking with tradition. And major luxury wedding designers, like Vera Wang, are taking the cue — ushering in an era in which skipping the white wedding dress doesn’t come at the expense of style.
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How to Choose Wedding Readings

Our lives are marked by significant life milestones that define the cadence of our lives. For millennia, generations before us have similarly commemorated these critical moments. Traditionally, a wedding is an opportunity to honor your cultural or religious heritage, carrying forward the torch of tradition for whichever cultural or religious tradition you may inherit.
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How to Pick a Wedding Date That's Right For You

Let go of the idea of the perfect wedding date. The wedding planning process is all about cultivating that feeling and vibe you want to create for you and for your guests, in whatever way feels most appropriate to you. Get off to the right start by choosing a specific date that matches your desires and needs while keeping your loved ones in mind.
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How to (Politely) Request a +1 for a Wedding

The Emily Post set would have you believe that it is never, under any circumstance, appropriate to ask for a +1 to a wedding. In this school, the names on the invitation that arrives at your door are final, and any omissions or oversights are intentional, if regrettable.
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