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Honoring Deceased Family and Friends at Your Wedding: Because This Sucks and We Get It

Planning a wedding can be stressful and emotional even under the best of circumstances. But when you've lost someone, the process can feel downright overwhelming. At The Dinner Party, we understand the difficult tightrope walk of balancing the joy of your special day with the sadness of their absence. We get it. It's hard to imagine your wedding day without all of your people there to share it with you, especially during those in-your-face moments like the father-daughter dance (can this be canceled?) or the getting ready photos with your mom (sorry mother-in-law, but it's still not the same). 
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Your Last-Minute Wedding Day Checklist: Seize the Moment with Ease

Your wedding day is coming up, and it's time to celebrate your love with family and friends. As the excitement builds, having a last-minute checklist will ensure that everything runs smoothly and you can savor every moment. At, we understand the importance of a flawless wedding day. Check out this comprehensive checklist to help you navigate the final hours leading up to your ceremony.
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What Questions Should An Officiant Ask a Wedding Coordinator/Planner?

The wedding coordinator and officiant can work together in a great way. The wedding coordinator ensures seamless execution, while the officiant crafts a meaningful and personalized ceremony. To foster collaboration and create an unforgettable experience, it's important for officiants to ask the right questions of the wedding coordinator.
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What Does the Officiant Do at the Wedding Rehearsal?

The wedding rehearsal is an essential part of the wedding planning process, and the officiant plays a crucial role in ensuring its success. From providing guidance on ceremony logistics to offering emotional support, their expertise is invaluable. By understanding the officiant's role at the wedding rehearsal, you can approach this special occasion with confidence and excitement.
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15 Rituals, Traditions, and Moments for a Hindu Wedding Ceremony

Here are 15 of the most some of the most common Hindu wedding rituals/traditions/moments, their meanings, and how they are performed. We'll also discuss how couples and their officiants can incorporate these rituals into their own wedding ceremonies to create a personalized and meaningful experience for all.
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Non-Traditional Wedding Ceremony Ritual And Script: Taking Shots Together

The modern wedding shot ritual is a way to add some extra personality and playfulness to a wedding ceremony...and it can just be a really fun way to transition into the party. It's a chance for the couple to take a break from the more formal and traditional aspects of the ceremony and share a moment of celebration together. Taking a shot can also be a way to honor family traditions or cultural heritage. For example, in some cultures, taking a shot together is a symbol of unity and respect.
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